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2007 Runescape Mahogany Homes Guide: Learn Different Tiers of Construction Contracts & Rewards

A new construction company, Mahogany Homes OSRS, has been released this month. Here you could learn different tiers of OSRS Construction Contracts, rewards and others.

Mahogany Homes OSRS requirements

OSRS Mahogany Homes is a new construction company released on August 26th 2020. The only requirement to get started with Mahogany Homes is having your own Player Owned House; if you don’t have one, you could buy one from any Estate Agent for 1,000 GP.

Tiers of OSRS Construction Contracts

You can be given four different tiers of OSRS Construction Contract:
1. Beginner (Construction level: 1)
Materials: Planks, Steel bars
2. Novice (Construction level: 20)
Materials: Oak planks, Steel bars
3. Adept (Construction level: 50)
Materials: Teak planks, Steel bars
4. Expert (Construction level: 70)
Materials: Mahogany planks, Steel bars
After receiving your job, you will be directed to the home of an NPC in the area. For example, the job may assign you to Noella OSRS living in East Ardougne (north of the Ardougne Market), and she will ask you to build the cupboard, dresser, table or others.
You will need a hammer, a saw, some planks to build and repair furniture. Once the job is complete, you will gain Construction experience and OSRS Carpenter points, which can be used to purchase something in the Mahogany Homes Reward Shop.

Rewards from Mahogany Homes OSRS

The Carpenter points you gain can be used to exchange for the following rewards in the Mahogany Homes Reward Shop:
Supply crate
Amy's saw OSRS
Plank sack
Hosidius blueprints
Carpenter's helmet
Carpenter's shirt
Carpenter's trousers
Carpenter's boots

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