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Take Free Items & New Rewards from RS 3 Advent Calendar 2020

As a part of Christmas celebration, RS Advent Calendar 2020 has been released in game. Players can gain free items from TH each day and new rewards this year.

Daily free items from RS Advent Calendar

RS Advent Calendar 2020 has been active now and will run until December 24th. During this promotion, you are able to claim one free gift each day from the Advent Calendar. 
You can also claim one free item and an additional Treasure Hunter key each day from the Advent Calendar. You can open a new window each day during the event, revealing a present with different rewards inside. In addition, you will be given a Sir coalington embers plushie when you log in and use the Advent Calendar for 15 days. 
Here is the list of current free items that can be claimed: 
December 0 – 1 Treasure Hunter key 
December 1 – 6 combat training dummies and 1 Treasure Hunter key 
December 2 – 2 large prismatic stars and 1 Treasure Hunter key

Different Treasure Hunter promotions with prizes

During RS Advent Calendar 2020, different Treasure Hunter promotions run each day. You will have a chance of obtaining various prizes from Treasure Hunter every day, including free lamps, prismatic stars, relics, crates and cosmetics.

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